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We do amazing custom installs on your car, truck, bike, home, or boat. Our award-winning install technicians are MECP Certified, guaranteeing you a perfect install every time.


Why use an MECP certified installer?


The MECP program is designed to provide a higher level of professionalism in the mobile electronics installation field. The benefits of using an MECP certified installer provide you with the peace of mind that your car is being worked on by a qualified industry professional. Remember, besides your home, your automobile could be one of your family’s most important and valuable investments and it’s one you rely heavily on each and every day. You shouldn’t trust this asset to just anyone.


MECP professionals are tasked with learning new technologies as well as best practices for all facets of mobile electronics installation. All levels of installation technician certifications have a strong vehicle electrical and installation knowledge emphasis. Installation technicians are certified on one of three levels – Basic, Advanced, and Master – based on their experience in the industry and knowledge about complex elements of the job. There is also a certification for sales professionals called the Mobile Product Specialist in which equipment compatibility, system design, proper terminology, and product knowledge are heavily emphasized.

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