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  • Hi Stu. I want take a minute to pass on a good word for Brett Stephens. I had a personal project of adding a car stereo to my patio at home. I wanted to go with a car stereo for the flexibility of having CD, USB, Aux and Bluetooth without taking up the space of a traditional home receiver and having it accessible right at the patio.

    Brett recommended a deck and explained the issues associated with converting house power to 12v, the difference between 8ohm vs. 4ohm speakers and the possible need for an external amp.

    Last week, with the equipment Brett recommended, I completed my outdoor project with success. It looks and sounds great. Brett was full of info and sold me exactly what I needed so I could rock my patio this summer.

    Cable One Testimonial

    Terry Moore
  • Darian, thank you so much for your good service installing my replacement Sirius Stratus 7 car radio. I appreciated it very much. I am aware that the InstallCard arrangement is of no particular value to the store you manage. Yet you treated me as well as someone coming in to buy a sophisticated and expensive system.

    After it was installed, you sat in the car with me to make sure it was correctly activated and that I understood how it worked. It was enough like my old one that it was not totally unfamiliar. However, I did need the refresher. When I got home, I got the directions out and having had your help, I felt comfortable.

    You were welcoming, professional, and made me want to return to your store. You seem to me to be an excellent manager – organized, efficient, and intelligent.

    I will keep your card and pass on the information to friends of mine, young and old, who might need your store’s products and services. I would recommend you highly and hope that you will send a copy of this to your superior so that person will know your managerial skills are valued highly.

  • LISTEN TO THIS! Customer calls into local radio station to describe her Aspen Sound experience!

    Delia Fortery
  • Aspen sound did a tremendous job on my home theater and whole house audio/video system. Brian Lombardi and Kirk Payne did a great job listening to what I wanted in my new home in Boise and designed a system that is exactly what I wanted. They stayed within my budget and performed their work on time and in a very professional manner. I’ve built multiple houses and done some serious remodeling and have dealt with many contractors … and I have to say the guys at Aspen Sound know how to do Home Theater right. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

    Dave Stearns
  • Went into the Couer d’ Alene store and it was great…good help!

    Ryan Flory
  • Kudos to all of you guys yesterday for a job well done. I guess I’ve had some bad experiences in the past in similar retail-like services, as well as heard horror stories from friends, so I was hesitant for a while about spending that kind of money. You guys went above and beyond to optimize the quality I was looking for. Like I said, you all nailed it. It’s great to meet people who are passionate about their job, are very knowledgeable, and most of all, trustworthy in their profession. To me, I feel like these qualities are becoming more rare, especially in the customer service/retail world.

    I have never been completely satisfied with an audio system until now. I’m sold on Aspen Sound and would refer anyone to you guys. The problem I’m facing now is that I don’t want to get out of my damn truck! Keep up the good work.

    Tyler Reed
  • For my birthday two years ago, the outstanding sales/service staff at Aspen Sound guided my wife on the purchase of a new Kenwood Sound System for my 8 year old truck/car, 2002 Chevy Avalanche. The Kenwood System with GPS capability was just the right addition for my vehicle in function, capability and cost. The unit nicely complimented my dash (e.g. some modification was required…but the finished results looked like it was factory installed). I always loved my truck, but I love it even more now!!!!

    The greatest attribute of Aspen Sound staff is their never ending kindness and courtesy…even long after the sale. That’s right! “Service” after the sale not commonly seen these days. Over the last two years, my system need fine tuning secondary to operator error. They were accommodating and prompt in giving my truck (me) the attention required. They are just great,great professionals who put their customers “first.” Their minimum performance standard is “outstanding.” Always with a smile even on the busiest days, they are able to assured with their kind demeanor that you are valued: your ongoing satisfaction with their product(s) and service is equally important to them.

    From management, to sales staff, and, don’t forget, the installation personnel…I don’t think you’ll find a better group of dedicated competent professionals.

    Joseph P. Cardona
  • Johnny Amaro, is very helpful in building the perfect car stereo. His knowledge of the installation and products is far superior than any other car stereo salesperson has shown me. Johnny has also exceeded my expectations in every aspect as far as customer service, thanks a lot for everything.

    Tony Cleary
  • I have been involved in car stereo’s for 20 plus years. I have seen and dealt with many different dealers and I am here to tell you that there has been no better dealer that ASPEN SOUND. The sales staff is very professional, they are so knowledgeable about the product they sell and the ones they don’t. When it comes to the guys in the install department, WOW!! They are so talented. If you want stealth they can do it, if you want bright and loud they can do it as well. In my opinion the best install crew that I have ever dealt with. So If you are looking to just replace a blown speaker or a full custom install ASPEN SOUND is where you need to go.

    Robert Wilson
  • I just wanted to let you know about the experience that I had in dealing with your company. I wanted to get a system for my boat and had an idea of what I thought I wanted. I walked in feeling a little concerned that I was going to be over sold and taken advantage of since my knowledge was not that vast in sound systems. Your store associate met with me and listened to what I wanted. It was nice to have someone listen and get me into what I was looking for instead of what they wanted to sell me. Jeff showed me some options and gave me advice on what would work and how the system would look and perform. He took the time to make sure I was comfortable with the products and price. In the end I got more than I thought was even possible. It rocks! They got it installed in time for our family vacation at the lake and we were ready to rock out for a week. The night before we left the stereo was stolen out of the boat and I was devastated! I went in the next morning explained the situation. Jeff and Aspen Sound were great they got me set up again that same morning and by noon we were off to the lake ready to rock again. The experience and personnel you have there are GREAT! I have since made several purchases from your store with the same experience. Aspen Sound for life. I now don’t even look around, I just call up Jeff, tell him what I am looking for and set the appointment. It is that simple.

    Mike Chandler
  • I have had many projects done at Aspen Sound and no matter what it was or how crazy of an idea it was they never had a problem doing it.The guys at Aspen Sound always go above and beyond for there customers! That’s why what ever I need done I can always trust them to get it done right.

    Chris Elser
  • The service and personal attention I received from Aspen Sound was exceptional. They are truly knowledgeable and understanding in high quality sound performance. Their passion for new technology and innovative ideas has made it a pleasure doing business with them. After several different installations on multiple vehicles of mine, I have been very pleased with the end product.

    Regardless of how much you want to spend, I would recommend satisfying all of your sound performance needs with Aspen sound.

    Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

    Todd Kurns
  • For over twelve years I have enjoyed unparalleled customer service at both Aspen Sound locations. In addition to several of my own vehicles, I have referred many friends and family members to Darian ….all very satisfied customers. When Spring arrives I plan to have the great install crew add awesome sound to my boat. I would highly recommend Aspen Sound to anyone looking for the best in Spokane.

    Kent Peach
  • My experience at Aspen Sound was great. The guys there really helped me out picking out my speakers and subs. They installed everything within a timely manner. They helped me out with everything, making me satisfied with my system. I have referred numerous people there to get parts and installs. I will take future vehicles there to get sound systems installed. Definitely two thumbs up for Aspen Sound!

    Jeff Parry
  • Every day that we don’t have to look at bulky cluttered entertainment centers filled with dust-magnet electronic equipment – and all the crazy wires that connect them – is a VERY GOOD DAY! We have thoroughly enjoyed the Control 4 System that Aspen Sound custom built for our home. I won’t pretend it is inexpensive, but neither are all of my other FAVORITE things. The install is messy, but well worth the temporary inconvenience for that final product. I love having an extra 16 square feet of living room space where my TV/components & rack used to be. More than that, the wall is now sleek and professional while hiding all speakers, subwoofers and equipment from view. Hosting parties with music in every room, and a perfect picture & booming stereo sound on our 65″ plasma has made our house “the gathering place”. The system even operates my porch lights at dusk and dawn, and makes sure my garage doors are closed by 9pm should I forget. I like that the system is modular, in that we can add on features at any time when more funds are available. No giant computer-system goes without its quirks, but that leads me to my 2nd favorite attribute of the system…the service. When we had system quirks or even the simplest questions about the system, Brian was instantly on the phone or at our door to make things right. His knowledge of electronics is unparalleled. Truly a great investment.

    Amy & Daryl Galbavy
  • I recently purchased a car stereo at Aspen Sound on North Division in Spokane, WA. The sales associate who helped me was Jason Cuillier. He was very knowledgeable and understood the concept of quality customer service. There were two other gentlemen as well whom I can not remember by name, one a Hispanic man and the other was an installer. While at your store I felt as if I was very important and well taken care of. I am pleased to have given my money to Aspen Sound because I do not feel that one of your competitors would have given me the A-1 treatment I received at your store. I have been telling other people about my experiences there. Thank you and good luck!

    Tyler Kaufenberg
  • I would like to bring a huge problem to your attention concerning your Spokane Valley store. Their service level is amazing!!!

    Jeff has always been a pleasure to work with and Mark always has a smile on his face. I had to have a warranty replacement done on some Hertz Audio speakers and they got me in and got it done as quickly as they could the next morning after I showed them what was wrong.

    Your new installer, Mike, (a far cry better than the previous installer) for that location is awesome. He took the time to install everything properly, tune my stereo in right, clean up after himself, and even fixed the button console on my door which had come loose and was dangling in the door. Mike was conscious of what he was doing in my car and cleaned up after himself when he was done.

    Jeff, for as much grief as I give him, has always been fair with me as far as pricing and service goes. When a person spends $4000.00 on a car stereo he tends to expect a certain level of competence from his salesman and that is exactly what I got the feeling of when dealing with Jeff. It was even a pleasure to spend the extra money and get the better stuff because I felt as though I wasn’t being “up sold”, rather better informed of products and their potentials or downfalls.

    Mark has been at that location for some time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not smiling. This brings a certain level of confidence to a customer when they walk through the door. Mark took the time to tune in my stereo and troubleshoot it with Brook (another new installer to me) and make sure that I understood what I could mess with and what I shouldn’t. Being better informed of these things is appreciated by me because I like my stuff to last and sound good at the same time, and now I know they will.

    I had a bad run-in with your North Side location about 15 years ago and was leery about coming back to you guys, but I’m glad I did. You and your staff have earned my business for life as well as anyone else I can lead your way. I will definitely spread the word of your service and help you to put a dent in the Car Toys sales!

    Thanks again and keep up the good work!!!

    Gabe Burke
  • Mark,

    Thank you for your very Professional and Personal customer service yesterday. I was having problems with the battery in my remote transmitter.

    I have no doubt that you will continue to be successful in your business career, no doubt whatsoever.

    Richard Barreiro
  • Hey, my name is Brian Allison and I came in and spoke with Ryan Jensen at the Missoula Aspen Sound store today, Monday April 9th. I just wanted to say that he was really helpful in getting me set up with some speakers for my car. He demonstrated everything and was very knowledgeable! He answered all my questions and concerns and didn’t really treat me like just another customer. Thank you so much!

    Brian Allison
  • Hello there..and thanks for such a good product and quick install. Yes, the system is perfect for my needs, and despite being more than I wanted, it is ideal. I realize that saving money on such an important item is moot if you lose a laptop or some other important piece of kit.

    I will be back for more work in the future Kirk.

    Give my regards to your team there.

    Greg Clarkes
  • Thank you for your great service from your Coeur d’ Alene store! After over an hour on the phone with your competition trying to set up an appointment, I gave up and went to Aspen Sound. They set up an appointment for the same day at my site and had the problem resolved in an hour. Couldn’t be happier with your service! Thanks.

    Dave Scheel
  • The guys you have at the Missoula store are FANTASTIC. They have helped me with two installations of XM radios, repairs, and other problems. They have been honest with me and extremely fair. I will continue to use these wonderful guys as long as I live in the area.

    Joy Aquino

    Joy Aquino
  • I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job that Jeff Kiehn recently did. We purchased a new Toyota, PriusV and asked that a navigation system be installed. No problem until it was discovered the car was too new a model to have a manufacture dash system. Jeff made it happen, a lot of thought and custom work was required to get the job done. It took a little longer but Jeff kept us informed of the progress and it was worth the wait, we are very satisfied. Since we are senior citizens and not part of the “high tech” generation we have had a lot of questions. Jeff has patiently and politely answered them for us. It is refreshing to find that customer service still exists!

    Jack & Dena Hollis
  • Had to get a small part for my stereo system yesterday, stopped at North Division store for help. Store manager helped me out. I only needed a small wire end, he not only volunteered the part but installed it for me for at no charge. A small thing but demonstrates the fantastic service Aspen Sound offers to it’s customers.

    Your stores are GREAT!!

  • Darian, just want to Thank you again! Marcela is thrilled with her remote start which seems to work perfectly. I really appreciate ALL of your help and time! THANK YOU

    Joel Leighner
  • Four years ago, my husband made a few phone calls to local businesses about having an auto start put in my car for a graduation gift. Graffiti Sound in Post Falls was not doing installs and referred Rich to Aspen Sound in CDA, so he called, and had an auto start put in my Sebring as a surprise for me. It’s worked beautifully all this time. Last week, for some reason (when it was 11 degrees out) it would not work. I called over to the store and the young man said to bring my car by and he would take a look at it.

    I went over to your store the next day, the technician tried a few things out in the parking lot and then ended up pulling it into the shop. Twenty minutes later, he said it was working and handed me back my keys. I asked to pay him for his time, but he said “no charge”.

    I shop local when at all possible. I appreciate your top notch customer service. You can be sure I will tell my friends about it!

    Pam Houser
  • I recently had a Incredible stereo system installed by Shawn, Tom, and the crew at the Missoula store! What Great people, had a good answer for all of my questions and did a fantastic install for me! I am now selling the vehicle so they took out my stereo and re-installed the factory system! I am (as I type this) getting the system installed in my new vehicle adding a beautiful New DVD head unit! This system will Rock and look Great also! I was amazed after the first install and this time will be even better!! Many Thanks to the guys in Missoula, I consider them friends!