1990 Chevy Blazer

  • Blazer16


  • Custom Stinger SCA7891 200amp alternatCall or click to
  • Stinger SHD201 digital fuse holder
  • Stinger SHT301 and SHT303 digital battery terminals
  • Two Stinger SPV69 batteries – one custom mounted under the vehicle
  • Stinger 0 gauge wire from the alternator to the two batteries to the cap
  • Stinger SPC5010 pro digital hybrid capacitCall or click to
  • Stinger SGP35 relay isolatCall or click to
  • Custom hand built center console with brushed aluminum inserts with Kicker logo wrapped in vinyl. We added two cup holders to the console, inside is a Stinger SPI1000 power inverter. Flushed in is a Stinger SGP game plate. Center console hinges open with built in storage.
  • Two Dynamat 10455 bulk pack kits
  • Custom dash kit made out of black plexi wrapped in vinyl to fit Kenwood DDX814 with USB, Stinger SVMR three digit volt meter and rocker switches flushed in.
  • Kenwood KCAIP301V cable for iPod video and audio
  • Kenwood LZ702W 7" screen flushed in a custom pod mounted to the headliner used for backup monitor with a license plate camera. Flushed in the pod is a Kenwood CCD2000 camera wired to an Accel DVR100SD motion sensing hardrive
  • We built custom door panels with 3-D plexi inserts and Kicker logos wrapped in vinyl and back light with Plasmaglow Lumaflex. The doors hold two sets of Kicker 04SS65.2 6.5 mid drivers.
  • Custom pillars trimmed with brushed aluminum fitted with dual tweeters
  • We built two custom enclosures wrapped in vinyl with Kicker raised logos. loaded with two Kicker L7 10" subs. On top of the enclosure are two custom pods trimmed in brushed aluminum with Kicker 05RS562 5 1/4 component speakers for camping and tailgating!
  • Stinger HPM rcas
  • A pair of Kicker 04SS65.2 6.5 inch component speakes mounted in the side panels behind the front seats.
  • We built a custom headliner with three amps flushed in Kicker 08ZX8504,08ZX15001, and 08ZX5502. We used Kicker 08ZXEC end caps on the amps. The Stinger 10F cap is flushed in the headliner along with all the crossovers under plexi back light with Plasmaglow Lumaflex.
  • Custom dome light with Chevy bow tie made out of brushed aluminum back light with Plasmaglow Lumaflex.
  • Compustar alarm/start/rps sensor with 2way confirmation windows up down and vent. We added an actuator to pop rear hatch window on auxiliary.
  • Computrack CT501PA GPS to track the vehicle. The vehicle can be locked, unlocked and started by cell phone.
  • Door popper with cutting edge technology we used to Accel IVN10 invisible switches to pop the doors.

Install Store Details

Boise Store

Location – Boise, ID Salesman – Johnny Amaro Installer – Brent Leavitt

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