Home Theater Gallery Three

  • Theater Room
  • Living Room
  • Living Room TV
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen Key Pad
  • Entry Control4 Switches
  • Control4 Access Panel
  • Control4 Touch Screen Panel
  • Bar


  • This home was a challenge due to the fact the home was already completed and had wiring from a previous system. We wanted to be able to control 13 different areas of audio and have a dedicated media room for Movie viewing, watching TV and game playing. The system includes full home control from Control4 including 3 whole home touch screens 5 thermostat zones, control for 6 garage doors, 79 lighting loads and multiple keypads for a total of 135 zigbee devices.
  • This system enables us to make walls cleaner by taking a location that would require 8 or 9 decora locations to give total control and making it fit with 3 locations instead. Lighting scenes are set up so that multiple lights can be adjusted to a pre set level with the touch of a single button.
  • Audio can be channeled to any of 13 areas in the house and any area can be listening to any source while any other area is playing any other source.
  • The media room was kind of unique in that it has a 55” Samsung LED TV on the wall and has a 100” screen drop down in front of the TV with an Epson projector for “the big picture” viewing. This combination allows for the biggest picture possible for event viewing and the ability to watch the LED TV during bright afternoons in the window filled room.
  • Multiple systems are tied together in this system enabling the opening of a garage door to turn on lights in the entryway, adjust the temperature and turn on a favorite music station.
  • The door bell in the home plays multiple songs when pressed through all the speakers in the house aside from the daughters bedroom.
  • Exterior lights come on at sunset and stay on until 11:00 pm and all lights in the house can be turned off at bedtime by the touch of a single button.
  • A Sleep mode in the bedroom is enabled from either side of the bed that runs for 1 hr and then turns off the lights in the room, the tv turns off and the fireplace turns off as well.

Install Store Details

North Spokane Store

Location – North Spokane, WA Salesman – Kirk Payne Installer – Brian Lombardi

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