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Why consider having Aspen Sound automate your home?

We all know how the Smartphone of today has changed our lives for the better. Everything is in synch, integrated, fast, accessible and over the top efficient. The same analogy can be used with your home theater system. We have full featured remotes, touch panels and with your iPhone and iPad you can control everything from lighting, sound, video and temperature all integrated beautifully into one system.

Aspen Sound programmers are Cedia certified and are some of the best in the field of home automation. Our customized automation packages will take your home theater from a thing of the past to a modern, efficient, one touch system that will save you time, energy and allow you to get on with your movie watching experience.

With Control 4 you can control everything that plugs into the system like lighting control systems that allow you to specify just the right lighting for any mood or occasion. We uphold the highest standards insuring seamless integration in your home or business. If you can imagine it, we can create and control it.

Consider the automation possibilities:

  • A/V and home theater automation
  • Sound control devices
  • Lighting control systems
  • Temperature control
  • Cameras and surveillance systems
  • Door locks and property access control systems
  • Sensors, timers and other cool gadgets

Automation is more than just controlling your theater – it’s WHOLE HOME control!

Check out this clip of a rotating bedroom T.V.

Learn what it is like to distribute high quality audio and video as you choose from a menu of choices seamlessly switching the sources in different rooms. Control just about anything including your lighting, temperature, security cameras and even monitor your energy usage from home or away!

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